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A mystical soul living in an urban mama’s body.  

Sagittarius spirit with the Scorpio edges.

Generator with sacral authority.

Loves a good dick joke.

Is endlessly inspired by purpose unveiling itself by a birth time and in simple human actions.

Stacey Sexton is an Astrology lover, Human Design reader, Reiki Master, Breathwork facilitator, and Mama who never tires of connecting people back to the power of their own story.

Currently, she going big with her natal Jupiter return and is enrolled in Loyola Institute of Ministry's graduate program working towards a Master's degree in Religion & Pastoral Care.

She believes in the sacredness of Mardi Gras, the medicine of raucous laughter, human touch, and that part of our collective healing is found by hearts rekindling their creative fire.  Her offerings include workshops, integrated astrology-hd readings, and speaking events.

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I grew up in a swampy little town outside of New Orleans, and found myself in DC shortly after college running in the corporate advertising world. During this time in my 20’s, I struggled quietly with anxiety and hormonal health issues, but ultimately it was the birth of my children that shook the foundation of my emotional and physical health, nudging me to deeper shifts in life. 

My medicine comes from motherhood.

It shades all the work that I do and it’s part of what I’m able to offer back to others.

It cracked me open to a healthier connection with my body and my spirituality.

Practices and tools that once spoke to me as a child, came back into my routine in a more profound way and some have invited me in to study them intimately.

I reconnected with my senses, my creativity, the power of my expression and have found the modalities that speak most effectively to my physical and emotional healing. It's an honor to hold space for others to dance with their story and rediscover the divinity within.

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